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Student Comments

Anonymous Course Instructor Feedback

"Honestly, your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to this class were absolutely wonderful. I have never had a professor who put so much work into making powerpoints that were easy to follow, helpful for understanding

difficult or complex topics ... engaging, fun, humorous, and just all around wonderful."


"The forum posts/discussions were great to help make sense of and keep up with the readings. Debates provided fantastic opportunities to sort of direct one's own learning and practice tackling philosophical arguments. The lectures were extremely well-presented, and offered much-needed clarity on the philosophical topics covered."


"His class is super organized and well laid out. He makes a relatively complex and boring subject bearable and interesting. Honestly, I was dreading this class, but in the end, Prof Longenecker made it great. Glad I took it."


"Professor Longenecker is one of the best professors I have had at Notre Dame. It is evident how much effort he puts into each lecture and assignment. I assumed due to the material that this class would be boring but Professor Longenecker makes his lectures engaging and interesting with mixed media."

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